A word from a multisport course designer Tim Boote

Tim is a well known adventure racer, who has been around for years and got into podiums in a lot of national and international events. His recent achievement is a 5th place in a high profile international multiday race in China. When he was asked to help to design a multisport course in his backyard- Lakes Entrace  he could not say "no" and put a lot of effort into the distance. Here is what he has to say about the event.

Q: What do you like the most about adventure races?

Tim: I really like how adventure racing takes you to amazing locations around the country (and also the world). This is one of the main reasons I enjoy racing as you get the opportunity to explore these places that you may not even know about. I’ve come from a background of team sports and really enjoy the team aspect of adventure racing as well. I believe East Gippsland is as amazing as anywhere I have been so far during my time in adventure racing so I’m glad it’s getting some exposure and other people are getting a chance to experience it.

Q: Why East Gippsland is the place to be for you?

Tim :East Gippsland is a relatively large area that is mainly unpopulated so there are so many places to get out and explore that are amazing. We also have a great range of terrain from beaches, rivers, lakes, bush, and mountains. I don’t have a specific favourite thing to do as I like to mix it up across the different adventure racing disciplines. I do like looking at a map of East Gippsland and finding new places to explore.

Q: Tell us about Colquhoun State forest trails?

Tim: The local mountain bike trails in the Colquhoun forest have been around for few years now and started as most trail networks do with some locals putting some amazing single track in. I feel the trails were developed around the local bush rather than how some of the new trials that are being built by moving the bush to suit the trail. Over the recent years the tracks have become more official and the local government agencies have got involved which has helped the tracks become more recognised, although this has had its good points there are some people who would argue that some of the changes that have been made have had a negative impact and taken away some of the character that was built into the first MTB trails that were made.

Q: Back to the event- the first leg is MTB, couple of quick words about the course.

Tim:The mountain bike course will start on a section of bitumen road with a small climb to get you out of Lakes Entrance. Once you hit the bush you there is a section of rougher single track that will let the mountain biker’s show of their skills before you hit the local MTB trails which will include the “lollypop” section that many people love. The local bush is very sandy but is excellent to ride on as it packs down nicely, I enjoy riding both my duel suspension bike or hard tail and would recommend which ever you prefer riding yourself.

Q:  What can you tell about the running course?

Tim: The run will start in the Colquhoun Forest and use the local “Mississippi” trail before heading off on some rough single track with a few undulating hills and maybe a couple of short but steep ones. Once you leave the bush you will find yourself on a trail that follows the road back into Lakes Entrance where you will be treated to a great view before you head down the hill into the paddle transition. It will mainly be off road so trail shoes are recommended and a pair of running gaiters if you like using them.

Tim is not a bad road rider too

Q: What can you tell about the paddle course.

Tim: For the paddle you will head out towards the entrance and depending on the tide take a left or right to head around Rigby Island. The water is usually very blue and clear which can assist in negotiating the channels that are created by the tides. The Channels do have markers for boats but when you are paddling you may be able to cut a few corners to save some time depending on the water level. The area is always very tidal so you will paddle both against it and with it at some stage so be ready for it as it can be strong.

Q: Are you looking forward to race yourself against some of the strongest Victorian athletes?

Tim: It will be a great to do a race in my back yard and I’m sure it will be very competitive.

Tim is setting his boat prior to European Adventure Racing Championship in Russia