Sprint Series Adventure Race

Beginner friendly event hold 2 times per year, May and October.

The Sprint Series event caters to all fitness levels and to people of all ages. There are no boundaries in adventure racing!

Each event consists of running, kayaking and mountain biking stages. The race is navigation based and participants race as a team of two. Duration of the course in about 3,5 hours for the midpack. More about the course is on the website adventuresprint.com.au

The first Melbourne Sprint Series was held in March of 2012 in Lylidale.

In 2017 Adventure Junkie is concentrating on the two events in premier Melbourne locations, Lysterfield park and Westerfield park with the aim to bring on bigger, better and more inspiring challenge to you and your family!

If you enjoy being fit and active and either have (or wish to find) your passion for different sports combined with an exciting new experience to join the Sprint Series Adventure race.

You and your team mate will have a great day - so what you are waiting for - are you up for some fun... and a new challenge?