kids challenge

Why should adults have all the fun? We’ve created an awesome event just for the kids.

This race is open all kids from 5 to 12 years old and consists of some fun orienteering activities (no prior skills required), a short run, an obstacles course and then a paddle in the water with a parent.  Introduce your kids to the excitement and challenges of adventure racing!

Where: Lakes Entrance, East Gippsland

When: 30th of November, 2019


The Course

Each participant will receive a race bib at the registration, then line up at the starting line with older kids in front to allow them to start first. Every child will run for a couple of hundred meters and grab their kid friendly “map” and checkpoint cards. The map will have some basic symbols and indicate a location of the checkpoints, which can all be seen from the start line. The children will need to make their way past various obstacles to each checkpoint and have their card punched. Once they have completed the obstacles and checkpoints, a parent joins them and together they run to the kayaks to get to the last few checkpoints on the water. After kayaking, all kids will have a final run around the oval where they will complete their first adventure race!

Awesome prizes and certificates will be presented to all participants at completion of the event.